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Welcome to Moodyblues Whippets Dog Blog: Pup of the Week! Lenny 4/19/24

Here you'll find a weekly (or so) spotlight of a dog/puppy from our Moodyblues Whippets family. and what they've been up to! (Look for special "guest vignettes" occasionally as well!)

This week's pup of the week is Lenny!



Moodyblues Eight Days a Week

Aliases:  I sometimes go by Leonard or Len for short.

I'm from the Moodyblues "The Beetles" litter - born 4/3/2023 (my puppy name was Firefly)

My mom is Zelda (Bobbilees Race Like an Ace FCAT, SC, CA) and my dad is Zeppola

(CH Almawhip Albinoni vs Star Wars for Moodyblues)

my baby pics

My peeps: I live with my mom (Katherine) and dad (Mason) . I also frequently enjoy visits and adventures with my human “grandparents”

We live near Columbus, OH

While I don’t share my home with any other critters, I have “cousins” who love to play with me, including a Greyhound, a Bloodhound and a Golden Retriever! I enjoy spending most days with my mom at her vet clinic and love to pretend I am one of the office cats!

My favorite activities are: I have so many favorite activities! I love involving myself in everything my mom and dad are doing. I am the most curious boy, investigating everything and adding zest to even the most mundane moments. I particularly like running free in my parents’ fenced pasture while chasing my frisbee and tugging on my many tug toys. I like going for long walks around my dad’s farm and sniffing all the things my little nose can reach. I like food, any food…treats, human food (occasionally) and chews. Finally, I like snuggling and laying on top of my humans!

I participate in... Agility foundations classes where I bravely take on any new obstacle that I am shown! Flying through tunnels at the speed of sound and whisking myself over (very low) hurdles brings me so much delight, I get so excited when mom tells me it’s time to go to “school”!! Agility class is the one place where I know I will never be bored, I’m always exhausted afterward!

My titles and awards ...I have graduated from 3 levels of Skills and Manners classes where I learned basic commands and tricks.

Someday I might want to try....  flyball or lure coursing!

I eat   Purina Pro Plan 30/20 kibble, but my favorite food is morsels of lamb that I get as a reward during training!

My peeps' favorite thing to eat is: My humans don’t really have a favorite food, they mainly like to try new foods and so do I! I definitely make sure that they always share some with me!

My favorite treat is  freeze dried beef or salmon, cheese, liverwurst, hot dogs, baby food and popcorn. I love to eat from my array of food puzzle toys and snuffle mats, I’m a great forager!

My favorite toy is my braided fleece tug toy with real rabbit fur!

The worst thing I ever chewed up was my mom’s iPhone 13. My sharp puppy tooth punctured the screen, but she wasn’t even mad…it was time for a new phone!

Something interesting that you might not know about me: I use speech buttons to “ask” for things, like going outside, food or playtime. I hope to keep adding words/buttons all the time, I’m quite persistent when I want something!

When I grow up I want to ...continue living every day to its fullest! My goal is to keep bringing joy to my humans, but also to keep them on their toes! It would only be an added bonus, but maybe someday I will excel in a dog sport too! I hope you enjoyed reading about me!


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