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Welcome to Moodyblues Whippets Dog Blog: Pup of the Week! Zelda 4/26/24

Here you'll find a weekly (or so) spotlight of a dog/puppy from our Moodyblues Whippets family. and what they've been up to! (Look for special "guest vignettes" occasionally as well!)

This week's pup of the week is the one who started it all with Moodyblues Whippets... Zelda!



Bobbilees Race Like an Ace, SC, FCAT, CA

aliases: Zelps, MY Zelda

I was born 12/22/17 in Walton-On-Thames, England. From the moment my mom saw my picture at 3 days old, she instantly knew it was destiny, and I just HAD to be her best friend, and someday foundation dam for Moodyblues Whippets!

Here's me as a wee pup!

My mom is Bobbilees Boogie Woogie, and my dad is Bobbilees Bobby Sox

These are my peeps: Debby and David Moody

me and Debby at the beach, our favorite place in the world

me and dad David, hanging out in our camper at one of my lure coursing event weekends

Here's my best friend Shaun and me

We live in Charlottesville, VA (and also in Norfolk (Willoughby Spit), Virginia )

I eat   Purina Pro Plan Performance with a splash of fish oil

My peeps' favorite meal is: Steak! And they love to drink Deep Eddy's Ruby Red grapefruit vodka with club soda or grapefruit sparkling water!

My favorite treat is that thing you're eating right now

(this was an actual Everything Bagel dog chew from Petsmart!) ...the look on Zuppa's face is priceless, lol

My favorite activities are: lure coursing, FastCAT, learning new tricks, running on the beach, swimming in the bay, playing frisbee, raising puppies.

Someday I might want to try .... straight racing, rally, barn hunt, or obedience

My favorite toy is a rawhide retriever roll, that I love to gnaw on while snuggling with mom watching TV. I also love squeeky toys!

I get my outfits mom sews most of my sweaters and lure coursing jackets herself, but sometimes shops on Etsy for my clothing. We whippets need clothing specifically tailored to our unique shape!!

The worst thing I ever chewed up was...the cord to the vacuum cleaner, laptop charging cords, cellphone charging cords (are we seeing a theme here?)... And I am the SUPREME champion deflufficator! AKC really should offer a title in this sport...

When I grow up I want to travel around the country and Canada in my camper

Something interesting that you might not know about me: I have 25 offspring...11 males and 14 females from my 3 litters (but I'm all done having puppies of my own now)! I LOVE puppies more than anything... and even adore helping as a second mom to help raise Zuppa's puppies! I also have an ear fetish and love sucking on dog (and especially) puppy ears!


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