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Whippets who do things with their owners bond more closely and make better pets. To encourage new owners to get involved with their pups, we offer the following rebates. We'd love to eventually refund your entire purchase price!


Puppy kindergarten $25

STAR Puppy $25

Canine Good Citizen $25

Obedience class $25 each course

Therapy dog certification $25

Agility or flyball class $25 each course

Ask about other courses to see if they are eligible!

Titles: there are literally hundreds of performance titles you and your dog can have fun earning!

 Click here for an extensive AKC list of titles )

$25 each AKC recognized title

*AKC conformation CH $100

*UKC conformation champion $25

*UKC conformation grand champion $100

*note: Neutered or spayed whippets are not eligible to compete in conformation competition. They are fully eligible for all other titles.

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