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The Puppy Package


With each puppy we entrust to their new home, we include;

A lifetime no-fault return policy. If at any time during your dog's life, you are unable or unwilling to keep him, we will always welcome him back. And we won't give you a hard time about it either. Life is messy and you never know what it is going to hand you. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your dog is to let go, and we will be here to welcome him home. We'll even give you a prorated refund of your purchase price. If you are unable to transport your dog back to us, we'll arrange it. We never want to see one of our pups end up in a shelter.

Puppy Culture

The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life is a crucial time where their emotional stability, coping skills, learning and communication skills can be almost effortlessly acquired through early training, enrichment experiences, and conditioning.  We have raised the puppies by following the Puppy Culture protocols and recommended exercises to help the puppies grow up to be the best dogs they can be. To learn more about puppy culture visit their website  or facebook group page

Health testing

The two most common problems in whippets are heart defects (mostly mitral valve disease) and eye defects (mostly cataracts and vitreous degeneration). All dogs in our breeding program are CHIC certified, including  yearly OFA certified testing for heart defects and eye problems, and once for hearing, and are registered with the Whippet Health Foundation.  

Health Guarantee, Vaccinations/worming

At the time of purchase, Moodyblues Whippets guarantees each puppy is in good health, has been deemed healthy from a veterinarian, and is up to date on core vaccines and deworming meds. If a puppy is diagnosed with an illness, disease or birth defect,  the puppy may be returned for a full refund of purchase price within 30 days.  A genetic health guarantee is also provided to the puppy buyer for two (2) years from the birthdate of the puppy. This genetic health guarantee includes hereditary, congenital or genetic defects that would cause the puppy/dog to significantly shorten their life span or lose quality of life before the age of five (5).


All puppies will come microchipped, and preregistered with a free registry in case your dog ever gets lost.


We like to stay in touch with all our puppy buyers through email, facebook, and/or phone, and will be there to answer any questions you may have throughout your puppy's life, or at least direct you to someone who can answer them! We encourage our puppy buyers to post pictures and communicate with the owners of their puppies' siblings on our Facebook page Moodyblues Whippets and the facebook messenger groups set up for each litter.

We are also part of the Timbreblue Whippets family network (via Denim, the sire of our first litter of puppies), and Sharyn Yetter Hutchens is a wealth of information and support with many years of experience in the whippet breed. Timbreblue has a very active facebook page, and has an annual Timbreblue reunion in Virginia in the fall where you are invited to join us, where people spend a day letting their dogs get reacquainted with their relatives and enjoying a pot-luck lunch and good conversation.

Puppy kit

You'll take home a kit that includes a clicker for training,  a baby sighthound martingale collar/lead, a few toys and chewies, a blanket from home that smells like mom, and lots more. 

AKC registration

We like to use different themes for each litter for official AKC registrations, and you will be involved in choosing your pup's registered name according to the theme. (ie. for the "Hotel California" litter,  and the "Dock of the Bay" litter we have names that involve lines from the songs!) 


Whippets who do things with their owners bond more closely and make better pets. To encourage new owners to get involved with their pups, we offer rebates! We'd love to eventually refund your entire purchase price! See our rebate page for details

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