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Welcome to Moodyblues Whippets Dog Blog: Pup of the Week! Tizzy 3/8/24

Here you'll find a weekly (or so) spotlight of a dog/puppy from our Moodyblues Whippets family. and what they've been up to! (Look for special "guest vignettes" occasionally as well!)

This week's pup of the week is Tizzy.



Moodyblues Watching the Ships Roll In

Aliases: Miss Tiz

I'm from the Moodyblues' "Dock of the Bay" litter - born 11/7/2021 (my puppy name was Minnow)

My mom is Zelda (Bobbilees Race Like an Ace FCAT, SC, CA) and my dad is Denim

(Eryri Blue Bojangle at Moxie BCAT. from Timbreblue Whippets)

Me as a wee pup.

Here's me and my peeps...Wyatt, Beth and Sydney.

We live in Richmond, Virginia

My favorite activities are: Running in the yard with my backyard neighbors, cuddling

I eat Blue Life Protection Formula

My favorite snack is Full Moon Jerky Tenders

My peeps' favorite snack is: Skinny Pop and to drink is Prosecco

My favorite toy is... all my stuffed animal "babies"

I get my outfits from Marshalls and TJ Maxx

The worst thing I ever chewed up was Ten TV remote controls! (not all at the same time!)

When I grow up I want to... have more whippets in the family

Something interesting that you might not know about me: I am my owners BEST friend, and Everybody who meets me LOVES me!


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Mar 08

What a doll! ❤️

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