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Welcome to Moodyblues Whippets Dog Blog: Pup of the Week! Desmond 3/22/24

Here you'll find a weekly (or so) spotlight of a dog/puppy from our Moodyblues Whippets family. and what they've been up to! (Look for special "guest vignettes" occasionally as well!)

This week's pup of the week is Desmond!



Moodyblues Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da at Virtu TKN

aliases: Desi

I'm from the Moodyblues' "The Beetles" litter - born 4/3/2023

My mom is Zelda (Bobbilees Race Like an Ace FCAT, SC, CA) and my dad is Zeppola

(CH Almawhip Albinoni vs Star Wars for Moodyblues)

These are my peeps: Ragan, David, and the “little” peeps…Tatum, Ayden, and Henley

We live in Poquoson, Virginia

My favorite activities are: I LOVE to run and be chased by other dogs, especially the slower ones, which are most any other dogs who aren’t sighthounds. :) I like to learn new things and hang out with my people. I also love to play fetch, play tug, and go on long trail walks. And I can make anything a fun game!  I'm a happy go lucky, super sweet boy!  

I have tried... lure coursing, obedience, and a little agility

Someday I might want to try.... AKC FastCAT because that involves more running and chasing! I'm registered to start taking Barn Hunt classes as well. I think I might really enjoy finding the rats!

My titles and awards include...AKC Star Puppy and AKC Trick Dog title (TKN).

I share my peeps with:

King Arthur- 5yrs Persian Cat, Vivian- 3yrs Persian Cat, Matcha- 2yrs Ragdoll Cat


I eat Kirkland Signature Chicken and Rice and ProPlan Complete Essential with some added Omega 3’s, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. 

My peeps' favorite meal is: Mexican and Italian food, and to drink is iced tea

My favorite snack is ALLLLLL the treats, foods, and scraps I can get my chompers on! I also love to chew on bully sticks, yak chews, and cow ears.

My favorite toy is my HurriK9 - It is a high flying fun factory!

I also LOVE chasing my orange and white frisbee!

I get my outfits from Trendy Whippet and  TrendyHound is my choice for martingale collars! 

The worst thing I ever chewed up was... I have an affinity for Chap Stick…If I see or hear the sound of chap stick, I get excited because I want to chew up ALL the Chap Sticks! 

Something interesting that you might not know about me: I was born with a cleft palate.  Debby got my sister and I to a special group that helps to save cleft palate puppies by tube feeding us every few hours for the first 3 weeks of our lives. (Compassion for Canines)  My sister and I went there when we were just a few hours old and we survived!!!  Dogs can actually live a full life and manage quite fine with a cleft palate, For the most part, we figure how to eat and drink and keep it cleaned out ourselves!


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