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Welcome to Moodyblues Whippets Dog Blog: Pup of the Week! Zuki 4/12/24

Updated: Apr 12

Here you'll find a weekly (or so) spotlight of a dog/puppy from our Moodyblues Whippets family. and what they've been up to! (Look for special "guest vignettes" occasionally as well!)

This week's pup of the week is Zuki!



Moodyblues Eleanor Rigby  

I'm from the Moodyblues "The Beetles" litter - born 4/3/2023 (my puppy name was Bumblebee)

My mom is Zelda (Bobbilees Race Like an Ace FCAT, SC, CA) and my dad is Zeppola

(CH Almawhip Albinoni vs Star Wars for Moodyblues)

my baby pics

My peeps: I live with mother Donna Kaiser and father Steven Johnson

We live in Charlottesville, VA

I share my peeps with: my best dog friend Poko, a rescue pit bull, plus 3 cats and 5 chickens

My favorite activities are: running fast, eating treats, chewing things up

Someday I might want to try....  lure coursing, agility, disc sport, or therapy dog

My favorite treat is  Good and Fun dog treats

I get my outfits from... Buy Nothing

My favorite toy is....anything I am supposed to, (or not supposed to),chew on!

The worst thing I ever chewed up was my mom’s treasured baseball hat

Something interesting that you might not know about me: I outrun all the dogs in our play group. I get along with all types of dogs, too!


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