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Our Story

I think whippets are most lovely creatures on earth. 

Their elegance, style and dignified, polite dispositions are unmatched in the dog world. There is nothing more breathtaking than watching them run at full speed, and nothing sweeter than their adoring cuddles.  Moodyblues Whippets was started in 2020, so I could share with a few, select, very special people this rare and beautiful friend for life.

I first fell in love with whippets in the late 1980s, when I met my grandfather's whippet Justy.  At that time, I was showing and breeding dalmatians, and I decided that whippets were really my spirit animal dog, and vowed to make my next dog a whippet.  I got my first whippet in 1998 and never looked back. 

I adopted my first whippet, Shannon, from a show breeder as a young adult.  She had been slated as a show dog, but she didnt work out for some reason  She was a beautiful dog but not at all adjusted to family life, and unfortunately ended up fear biting one of my children, so the whippet rescue group helped me find a more suitable home for her.   This proved to me the importance of early experiences and conditioning of puppies. I recently discovered the Puppy Culture program, and I am super excited to start using it in all my litters!

I got my second whippet, Tiffany, from the amazing Sporting Field Kennel. She was a wonderful dog, with an excellent disposition.  I bred her once in 2003 to one of the Sporting Field dogs, Sully, and she had 4 lovely puppies. The breeder took pick of the litter, I kept two of them, Cassie and Louie, and the last one, Jack, went to an amazing home where he enjoyed training with his marathon-running owner.  (click on any of the underlined links to jump to that dog's page on Whippet Breed Archives and see pictures, pedigrees and more)

Cassie and Louie lived long healthy lives, well into their late teens.  I did a little conformation showing (Cassie won Best in Show once!) and my kids did some junior handling , but we mostly we just enjoyed them as wonderful pets.  


I always admired the "blue" color whippets, but found them to be exceedingly rare in the US, so I imported my lovely girl Zelda from the UK as a puppy, and she is now the foundation dam for Moodyblues Whippets.

Zelda is a dream dog. She has the ideal whippet temperament, excellent conformation, she's been extremely successful in dog frisbee sports, FastCat and lure coursing and couldn't be more perfect. 

I had not bred a litter since my first whippet litter in 2003, but since so many people have asked me if I was ever planning on breeding Zelda, I decided it would be a great time to start "Moodyblues Whippets".

Our goal is to produce high quality, healthy whippets with excellent temperaments, conformation, and athleticism, that are most importantly, designed to be cherished couch ornaments, playmates and lifelong companions!


Our Dogs 

Current Dogs


"Zelda" (Bobbilees Race Like an Ace FCAT, CA, SC) -female


"Zeppola" (CH Almawhip Albinoni vs Star Wars for Moodyblues) - male

Zeppola is our "Italian stallion"... our exciting foundation stud for Moodyblues!  We were so incredibly privileged to be able to import him from William Borrelli and his incredible Almawhip Kennels in Italy in December 2021.  

IMG_1259 2.jpeg

"Zuppa" (Moodyblues Cool Wind In My Hair) - female

Zuppa and Zen are sisters, out of Zelda's first litter.  They are already making a name for themselves in frisbee, FastCat, lure coursing and plan to try rally this year.   




"Zen" (Moodyblues Dark Desert Highway) - female


Past Dogs




"Tiffany" (Sporting Field Tiffany)


"Louie" (Sportingfield As You Wish)


"Cassie" (Sportingfield Princess Buttercup)




We are a small, in-home "kennel" in name only. We carefully plan breedings of our dogs on a very occasional basis, and we are extremely selective about where these babies will end up calling home.  

The "blue" (grey) color in whippets is very common and prized in the UK, where whippets originated. However it is rare and somewhat maligned in the US, because the "dilute" gene that results in this color usually results in a lighter eye color than the AKC official whippet standard desires.  This doesn't at all affect their health, only that they have a difficult time being successful in the show ring so many breeders shy away from producing blue puppies.

Our mission is to produce healthy, beautiful, and great temperamented whippets for people to love and cherish and consider their dog to be the best dog in the world.  If people choose to show or do performance events with them, thats great too, but it is not our primary focus.

There are plenty of fantastic whippet breeders who are looking for show homes or performance homes for many of their puppies, but are disinclined to give them up "just" as pets.  We think being a pet is a dog's highest and best calling!

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